Life Changing Scares…

I should have a review up tomorrow. I was away this past weekend in Orlando for my yearly trip to Universal Studios Resort, and Halloween Horror Nights.

They turn the entire “Studios” side of the park into a huge Halloween event – haunted houses, outdoor scare zones, music and fog machines, and a bunch of hot zombie stripper nurses. I had a blast this year, as I always do, but man am I sore. My feet feel like I’m stepping on razor blades and I’m going to be taking a LONG soak tonight to ease my aching muscles.


3. Revenge of the Mummy – An indoor roller coaster based on the Brendan Fraser movie. Not my bag, even though my significant other LOVES it. It’s in the dark and you get thrown around a lot, which kills my neck and knees.

2. Despicable Me – based on the movie, it’s one of those “sit on one place with 3-D glasses on and the bench shakes” type of rides. I loved it because it was like being in a live-action slapstick movie, but it’s not for my girl. Motion simulator rides are not her bag.

1. Transformers 3-D – this ride was awesome – another “put on your glasses” ride, but the ride itself moved along a track. And whatever you think about the plot and dialogue, the special effects are freaking AMAZING. We both loved this one.


8. Afterlife: Death’s Vengeance – a 3-D house based on the execution and afterlife of a serial killer in the 1920’s. The 3-D houses are NOT my bag – the 4-D In-Between House a few years ago gave me flashbacks to my college…experiences. Enjoyable for my lovely, but not one of our favorites.

7: Resident Evil: Escape from Raccoon City – this was the house my lovely was really looking forward to. It wasn’t a scary house, however. It’s based off of the second and third games in the series, and they had a lot of little in-jokes, like the typewriter to save your game, or the herbs scattered everywhere. Props though for Leon Kennedy and Jill Valentine.

6: The Walking Dead: No Safe Haven – I love the TV show, but five times through the house, mixed with the outdoor scare zones with walkers everywhere, and large lines even with Express Passes jaded us on this house. But the actors looked good, and I won’t be able to get “Saturday Night Special” out of my head anytime soon.

5. Evil Dead – this is where it gets tough, as you could really shift 3, 4, and 5 around for me and I’d still agree. Based on the remake from earlier this year, this was a very intense house that takes the visitor through the movie. It felt like a movie – the opening “room” had large mock-ups of the pages from the Book of the Dead, and then a huge “title screen” stretching over head.

4. An American Werewolf in London – they got this house RIGHT. Again, based on a movie, but done in a detailed way with a lot of great scares. The wolves were from the Jim Henson Workshop, but I swore they were real people! Oh, and there was a TARDIS near the end as well. Apparently the Creative Director is a huge “Who” fan and when he found out there was a TARDIS in storage, he said “throw it in a house!”

3. Havoc: Derailed – HHN has a continuity in some of their houses – in this case, this is a sequel to Havoc: Dogs of War about a group of super soldiers who went insane. This year, the train carrying them to a maximum security prison derailed and…this house gets props because the characters were INTO it. They chanted, they slammed the bars, they screamed…at one point, it was so foggy, I said “I can’t see a thing.” And a voice came back, “don’t worry, boy, I can see you just fine.”

2. Urban Legend: La Llorona – oh my God. The atmosphere was creepy (Mexican Catholic churches, wine cellars, villages, a stream with dead children), the actors were great (the children were so creepy, I yelled “nope, I’m done” when I saw them…so they came out from behind the waterfall to say “hello…”)

1. The Cabin in the Woods – The cabin, the facility, the ballerina, the Buckner clan, FORNICUS, LORD OF BONDAGE AND PAIN, the Dolls, Jack and La Llorona…so much to see, so many little details, six times we went through and had a BLAST each time.

Oh, and I proposed to my girlfriend, and she said yes. šŸ™‚


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  1. Congrats! xxoo šŸ˜€

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