Media Blackout?

Instead of a government shutdown, could we get a cable news network shutdown?

Our office’s television must be on a news channel at all times (exception: the World Cup and the NCAA Men’s College Basketball Tournament). The past few weeks has been a non-stop barrage from CNN, Fox News, and MSNBC that leaves me feeling dumber for having endured it. No one says anything, it’s all the same talking points simply tacked on to the end of a fence-sitting statement about whatever current political/pop-culture crisis is occupying our nation’s psyche at the moment; moment being defined as “24-48 hours.”

The channel seems to change daily. Sometimes it’s CNN, sometimes it’s MSNBC, sometimes it’s Fox News. But it’s always the same, down to the same “gold for your 401k/fix your credit/IRS tax relief” commercials on all three channels…

One week, I put it on BBC World News. Upside? Our office knew more about Syria than we would have otherwise. Major upside? Not one mention of Miley Cyrus twerking.


About cobiwann

A guy who's into a niche fandom of a niche fandom - the Big Finish audio plays of "Doctor Who." Also into the show itself, both old and new, plus pop culture and a smattering of human insight.
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2 Responses to Media Blackout?

  1. Cygnia says:

    Can’t you sneak it onto BBC News permanently?

    • cobiwann says:

      I try, but someone always turns in back. “Why should we care about British news?”


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