2014, eh?

So 2014, eh?

It’s that most wonderful time of the year, when people around the world make the decision to make life-changing decisions by deciding to change their lives.  And within a week, in 95% of cases, it’s back to the same old, same old routine routine.  Pounds go unshed, cigarettes go smoked, books go unwritten, and jobs are still the same rut we find ourselves in.

2014 is going to be a big year for me, whether I like it or not.  My fiancée and future stepdaughter will be moving in with me come April (I have to spend New Year’s Day moving stuff around in my storage area to make room for her Christmas decorations!) and then in November, on All Saint’s Day, we’ll be getting married.  Considering I used to live my life by Hugh Grant’s creed from “About A Boy…”


Christine: You will end up childless and alone.

Will: Well, fingers crossed, yeah.


…this is absolutely huge.  Change is coming to me.  Hell, it’s already here.  Furniture has been moved, duplicate electronics are being given away, plans for remodeling have begun, and my office is becoming the guest bedroom.  And after taking measurements and room dimensions, I swear my house is smaller on the inside.

So, I could take the male route and resist change by kicking and screaming until my future wife ends up  getting her way.  Or, I could embrace change and ride the proverbial wave.  Change is good.  But what human beings need is an impetus to change.  “Known” is comfortable.  Misery is comfortable.  Pain isn’t comfortable.  Hard work isn’t comfortable.  Doing something new isn’t comfortable.  Changing a routine isn’t comfortable.  Stopping doing something that’s habitual isn’t comfortable.  Being positive all the time?  Definitely isn’t comfortable.

Maybe I should rename this blog “The Reluctant Optimist…”

Goals for 2014.

1)      Lose weight.    I’m the kind of guy who just can’t dedicate the time to become a chiseled piece of granite, and I’m not the type of guy who freaks out of someone has a few extra pounds on their frame.  But I am the kind of guy who, if I died in my sleep from a heart attack, not one of my friends or family would be surprised.  I have time during the evening to dedicate to exercise, provided I stop surfing the Internet as much as I do, or playing so much “World of Warcraft.”  This is just a case of shifting priorities.  People feel guilty about missing a day at the gym, but I bet no one’s ever felt guilty about GOING to the gym.

2)      Work on my blog’s format.  What started out as just some guy reviewing audios from Doctor Who (a niche fandom of what was once a niche fandom) is slowly getting more eyes on it.  And it still uses the standard, basic WordPress format.  I have a few ideas on how to jazz up the place, I just need to actually learn how to format WordPress first.

3)      Change the name of this blog from “Random Thoughts” to “The Reluctant Optimist.”  I SHOULD rename this blog.

4)      Write more posts.  A year-and-a-half ago on my 36th birthday, I told a friend of mine, a published writer, that I was thinking about starting my own podcast.  He stopped me in my tracks before I could go any further.  “Cobi, you speak first and maybe think later.  With you, shooting your mouth off is an art form.  Why don’t you try actually writing for a bit?  Try to get the written format down first; introduction, ideas, proof of concepts, conclusions.  You can’t just give a speech into a microphone and expect it to be good.”  So, I took the time to write my podcasts out first and organize them before spouting off into a microphone.  If it taught me anything, it’s that I’m not very good at making a podcast.  I don’t exactly have the voice for it and I have a tendency to breathe directly into the microphone, making it sound like I’m having an asthma attack.  But the writing stuck with me, and while I had put up a few blog posts here and there, it wasn’t until I reviewed “Storm Warning,” the first Eighth Doctor audio from Big Finish, that the writing bug truly sunk its teeth into me.

I just find writing audio reviews FUN.  It’s appealing to me to listen to one and then tell the world about it, sharing what I liked, what I didn’t like, and whether or not someone else might like it.  I’m under no illusions that people actually go out and buy the audios based solely on my reviews (though I have been part of a group that’s pointed the interested in Big Finish’s direction).  I’m not looking to make money or become a famous writer solely because I throw up a post or three during the week.  I’m writing for the enjoyment.  If I can keep up the pace of my posting, I might expand my range of topics.  I’m loathe to discuss politics.  It’s been done online and just leaves everyone more polarized.  But there’s movies, there’s video games, there’s the upcoming season with Peter Capaldi in the autumn, and there’s just life out there.  If I can make it interesting and think it’s a neat blog post…well, why not?

5)      Write more fiction.  I’ve had several ideas for a novel bouncing around in my head since south of forever.  It wasn’t until about two weeks ago, however, that one of the ideas just clicked into place.  Maybe it was writer’s block I didn’t know I had, maybe it was just the final puzzle piece that made everything come together, or maybe I was more in love with “world building” than “writing.”  How many times has someone had a great, detailed, intimate world all laid out all the way down to just how the magic system works, but they don’t have a cast of characters or even a protagonist fleshed out beyond the words “longcoat and katana?”  So far, I have a cast of characters, a four-page “bible” of how things work, and about 1/3rd of the story outlined on paper and the next 1/3rdwaiting to be put down on paper.  Again, I’m not saying I’m going to be the next [INSERT AUTHOR HERE WHO DIDN’T WRITE ‘TWILIGHT’ OR ‘FIFTY SHADES OF GRAY’].  But I find writing fun, and who knows?  Maybe I’ll get lucky and get published.  Never know till I try though, right?

6)      Support my fiancée as she goes for her PhD in an education-related field.  If only because when she becomes a Doctor, I can say I’m her companion.  (Rory Williams, thank you very much – first person to call me Adric gets thrown into the heart of a black hole)

So, what about you, dear reader?  If you’ve made it this far, do you dare put down any changes you’d like to make in your life in this upcoming year?


About cobiwann

A guy who's into a niche fandom of a niche fandom - the Big Finish audio plays of "Doctor Who." Also into the show itself, both old and new, plus pop culture and a smattering of human insight.
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3 Responses to 2014, eh?

  1. Cygnia says:

    Don’t worry, Cobi, you’re not Adric…

    …you’re Mel. ;-D

    *runs and ducks*

  2. Cygnia says:

    As for changes, I too want/need to write more Original Stuff and try to get it published as opposed to (even more of a niche) 7th Sea fanfiction. :p

    I also want to experiment more in cooking. I’ve already made “proper” yeast bread this past year. Now I’m trying for homemade sauces (pesto, vodka sauce), gnocchi, steamed buns and pizza dough as goals for 2014.

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