Big Finish celebrates!

15 years ago, Big Finish released the multi-Doctor audio The Sirens of Time and it’s been all uphill ever since.

To celebrate, the boys are having some daily specials!  Today, we have the sale of that first audio (which came out on CD AND cassette tape!) for just one pound (and something something in Yank dollars) along with three other audios, one each from the three Doctors who were in SirensThe Butcher of Brisbane is a must buy, as it’s not only a sequel to The Talons of Weng-Chiang, but also stars Janet Fielding, aka Tegan, in a rare Big Finish appearance!

Also, there are two audios up that were only released through Doctor Who Magazine, and get this…No Place Like Home and The Ratings War are available for FREE!




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A guy who's into a niche fandom of a niche fandom - the Big Finish audio plays of "Doctor Who." Also into the show itself, both old and new, plus pop culture and a smattering of human insight.
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