Role-playing…for a good cause!


Extra Life Fundraising Page

In about 48 hours, this Cleric…WILL DIE.

(seriously, you know my dice luck!)

I posted this about a month ago, and with the game coming up this weekend I figured it’s a good time for a repost and last request for donations. I’ve been so blessed to raise $150 dollars out of $100 dollars…either via kind souls or my inability to do Common Core Math…that will go towards the University of Virginia Children’s Hospital in Charlottesville. If you have a couple of extra dollars, even $5, to throw towards a great cause, I encourage…nay, ask kindly…nay, threaten to smite you with the wrath of Emanyn…to do so!

Thank to everyone who donated! I’m really looking forward to 25 of dice, Monster Energy drinks, and incredibly tasteless jokes.


So, want to help sick kids?

Want to being comfort to concerned parents?

Want to experience me going 25 hours without sleep as I play a healing Cleric?

This September, I’ll be taking part in a 25-hour marathon session of Dungeons and Dragons to raise money for Extra Life, a charity that works with the Children’s Miracle network to provide health care to children and families who might otherwise have trouble paying.  It’s $100 dollars to get a seat at the table, and all proceeds go directly to the Children’s Hospital of the University of Virginia.  Above $100 dollars of donations, my character (as I mentioned, a healing Cleric) gets extra perks and magic items…or the GM gets to make be reroll critical hits and throws more bad guys at me.

More details in the link below.  I hope you’ll take a look and donate whatever you can.  Thank you for looking!

Extra Life Fundraising Page


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