Big Finish Celebrates – Days 6, 7, 8, 9!—day-6—day-7—day-8—day-9

A slew of offers finally put up by a lazy blogger!

Big Finish touches upon a myriad of ranges outside of Doctor Who, including Gallifrey, which sees Lalla Ward, Louise Jameson, and John Leeson reprise Romana, Leela, and K-9 as they navigate Time Lord politics!

We also have UNIT starring Nicholas Courtney and the further adventures of the brave men and women of the United Nations Task Force! There’s also I, Davros for those interested in learning more about the creator of the Daleks!

How about something American? Well, quasi-American? Dark Shadows has been brought back to life by Big Finish, and the first episodes with the original cast are available at a nice discount!

But for those who want more adventures of the Doctor, Lucie Miller, aka Lucie Bleedin’ Miller, and the Eighth Doctor are thrown together as Season 1 of the Eight Doctor Adventures line has been put up at a bargain price! These episodes are only an hour long, matching the pace of the new television series, and the two-parter Human Resources has one of Big Finish’ best cliffhangers! Can’t recommend this one enough.


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A guy who's into a niche fandom of a niche fandom - the Big Finish audio plays of "Doctor Who." Also into the show itself, both old and new, plus pop culture and a smattering of human insight.
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